Practice-Based Psychodynamic Learning Center (PPLC)



Do I have to be licensed to take this program?
Yes, a mental health license is a requirement for this course. Generally speaking, applicants should have in-hand a current license. Exceptions shall be considered on a case-by-case basis. Some type of on-going clinical work should be part of an applicants professional professional experience. Any student who does not possess a license who is admitted into the program may not use the program to satisfy any state licensing requirements—supervisory or otherwise. Neither NPAP nor PPLC will in any way be responsible for any applicants clinical work or for meeting licensing requirements.

How does the online or distance-learning work?
Each class and workshop in the psychodynamic psychotherapy certificate program will be held live at our Institute in Greenwich Village. The classes will also be broadcast via a video platform called Zoom. We will provide a link to the broadcast of each class. By clicking the link, and a brief download, you will be able to watch and contribute from your computer or phone.

How do I collect my CEUs?
NPAP is currently accredited to provide CEUs for LCSW and LP licenses. The specific CE requirement for each mental health practitioner profession may be found on the web page for that profession. Each course in the psychodynamic psychotherapy certificate program offers 18 contact hours. Each workshop offers 3. We will provide documentation that certifies attendance and indicates the number of CEUs earned.

I don’t live in New York State. Can I take this program?
While the psychodynamic psychotherapy program at NPAP offers some advantages to New York State residents, qualified non-residents may also attend. Out-of-state applicants should contact the Administrative Director office for details.

What if I can’t attend a class in person or online?
The psychodynamic psychotherapy program is designed for maximum flexibility. To qualify for a certificate, however, classes and group supervision experiences require attendance.

Do I have to be in psychotherapy while enrolled in the program?
While we encourage students of our psychodynamic psychotherapy program to be in their own therapy, it is not a requirement of this program.

If I need to leave for some reason, can I get a refund?
Our procedure for the training program currently are as follows:

  • If you drop the class before it even starts, you get a full refund.
  • If you drop the class after the first class has occurred you get a refund minus $35 charge ($400 class, you would get $365 back).
  • If you drop any time after the second class you do not get a refund.

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