2023 Membership Dues Instructions & Payment Links

NPAP has taken a financial hit these last two years and we anticipate a bigger one this year. With your help, we are slowly getting back on our feet. Incremental increases in membership dues reflect the rate of inflation, and we are pressed to enact them to decrease the deficit created during the pandemic. We hope members technically eligible for dues exemption, because of age, still will choose to help us cover our operating expenses.

Based on our new By-Laws, here are the revised classes of membership: “Members” replaces what was Association Members. “Training Members” replaces Training Institute Members. Dues for each are $345. Members may vote for all offices except those of the Training Group, receive referrals from The Psychoanalytic Referral Service of NPAP and participate in all activities of the Corporation excepting those of the Training Group.

Training Members have all the rights and privileges of members and may also vote for Training Group offices, serve on any Training Group committee, teach, supervise, conduct training analysis, serve as an Evaluation Committee Member, enrollment interviewer, and/or mentor to Members-in-Training. Training Members shall pay additional dues, $345, in order to participate in Training Group activities.

This year we have two different payment links:
One for “Members” and “Training Members” and
One for “Members Over 80 or Previously Exempted”.
Please choose appropriate one.

Members: Click here to pay your 2023 Annual Membership Dues online.

  • Dues for Members are $345.
  • Dues for Training Members are an additional $345. These dues shall be paid by all Members who want to serve as teachers, supervisors, training analysts, and/or serve in a Training Group role. Training Members are asked to pay one payment of $690.00 for “Member” and “Training Member” categories.

Members Over 80* or Previously Exempted: Click here to pay your 2023 Annual Membership Dues online, and check one of these choices:

  • I am not exempt because I am active in the training program and serve as faculty, supervisor, training analyst, and/or in a Training Group role $345.00.
  • I am an exempt member and wish to still pay Member Dues for the benefit of NPAP $345.00.
  • I am an exempt member and choose to opt-out. Please consider making a “Contribution” to benefit NPAP.

*The section of the By-Laws pertaining to “Members Over 80” is included beneath my signature.


Kindly pay by January 31, 2023. Payment received by January 1 is greatly appreciated.
A $15 administrative fee will be added for dues payments received after February 1, 2023.


Year End Contribution: An end-of-year contribution would be most welcome. Please select a preset amount below, a recurring monthly contribution, or customize your contribution. Thank you!

  • Support our 75th Anniversary Fund dedicated to ensure the next 75 years:
    select a one-time end-of-year donation. Amount: $75; $175; $375; $750.
  • Customized Contribution Amount.
    Please enter your end-of-year contribution amount.

Thank you for supporting our professional home during these fiscal challenges.

Warm regards,
Tom Taylor

Members Over 79* (AKA “Members Over 80”): By-Laws, Article III Section 2 (c):

  • Members Over 79 are Members who have been in good standing for a minimum of 15
    years are 80 years of age. Members Over 79 are exempt from paying
    Member dues. They retain all the rights and responsibilities of Members.
  • Members Over 79 who want the rights of Training Members must pay the additional
    Training Member dues.
  • Members Over 79 must reaffirm their Member Over 79 status each year.
  • Members who are over the age of 75 who were already exempt from paying dues under
    the previous bylaws may be grand parented into this category.

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