2024 Annual Membership Dues Instructions & Payment Links

I hope this finds you safe and healthy as we approach the end of 2023. We are grateful to our entire community for helping us get back on our feet post-covid and for celebrating together during our 75th Anniversary year.

Dues remain the same as 2023: $345 for Members and an additional $345 for Training Members (to be actively involved with the training function at NPAP).

Please pay your dues to the: “Training Institute of NPAP,” preferably by January 1, 2024, no later than February 1, 2024. You may pay online by credit card, or you may send a check addressed to: Jennifer Knobe, NPAP, 40 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011. If you choose to pay by credit card, please consider covering the credit card fee of 3%: $10 for one member category or $20 for both member categories.

The invoice has two different payment links. One is for both “Members” and “Training Members.” The other is for “Members 80 and over” or previously “Exempted”.
Please click one:

Members and Training Members*: Click here to pay your 2024 Annual Membership Dues online.

– Dues for Members (under 80) are $345.

– Dues for Training Members are an additional $345 for a single payment of $690. These dues ensure our Training Institute continues to train candidates in psychoanalysis. A Training Member is eligible to serve in any and all training capacities, including on a Training Group committee, on an Evaluation Committee, as an Enrollment Interviewer, and/or a Mentor to Members-in-Training; as well as in roles of teaching, supervising, conducting training analysis, and voting for elective positions in the Training Institute.

Members 80 and over or previously “Exempted”: Click here to pay your 2024 Annual Membership Dues online and select all categories that apply to you:

I am a member 80 and over who chooses to…
• Opt-in to continue paying my dues for the benefit of NPAP: $345
• Opt-out of paying membership dues. $0
• Pay additional dues for serving as a Training Member (no exemption) in a capacity such as faculty, supervisor, training analyst and/or in any Training Group role: $345

We hope you will consider supporting NPAP with an end-of-year charitable contribution.

Warm regards,
Tom Taylor

* It’s come to our attention that some members forget that we’ve always paid dues for two categories of membership. This does not change even when we become one organization. In 2022, new categories “Members” and “Training Members” replaced the former categories of membership “Association” and “Training Institute”. Dues for Members (under 80) are $345 and for Training Members are an additional $345 for a single payment of $690. For Members 80 and over or previously “Exempted”, depending on the categories that apply to you, dues are either $0, $345, or $690.

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