Welcome to the
Theodor Reik Clinical Center

A Therapy Referral Service
of NPAP / (212) analyst


Let us help you find a therapist

We’ve been serving the Greater New York City area for 70 years.

  • Many thousands of successful referrals for psychotherapy & psychoanalysis.
  • Personalized attention. Quick referral.
  • Affordable therapy, with cost adjusted to your particular financial situation.
  • Therapy appointments at our Greenwich Village center and in private offices in NYC and its environs.

Finding a therapist is easy

  • Now providing video and phone intake and treatment during this period of Covid-19 precautions.
  • Come and meet with us
  • Tell us the reasons why you’re seeking therapy
  • Talk to us about what you want and need
  • We’ll work out a fair fee for you
  • And we’ll choose a therapist who suits you


That’s all there is to it. Finding a therapist needn’t be hard.


For more information

On our FAQ page our Director of Referral answers some common questions about our service. Click here