NPAP News & Reviews 

The Association’s official newsletter is NPAP News & Reviews. Published quarterly, it reports on professional and personal activities of members and candidates, announces upcoming events sponsored by Association and Training Institute committees, and prints highlights from many of NPAP’s scientific meetings and continuing education seminars. It also reports on other significant happenings in the life of the organization, prints summaries of NPAP Board meetings and records members’ address changes. Poems and other creative writing by readers are often featured, as are interviews with new graduates and Q&As with individual members.  Classified advertising listings are offered without charge. The newsletter is distributed to all members and candidates.

Current and recent editions of NPAP News & Reviews in PDF format

NPAP News & Reviews Winter 2016

NPAP News & Reviews – Spring Summer 2015

NPAP News & Reviews – Winter 2015

NPAP News & Reviews – Fall 2014

NPAP News & Reviews – Summer 2014

NPAP News & Reviews – Spring 2014

NPAP News & Reviews – Fall 2013

NPAP News & Reviews – Spring 2013

NPAP News & Reviews – Winter 2013