Training Group

Director, Deborah Keith

Candidate Progress Committee

Amanda George
Neil Herlands
Jessica Low, MITO Rep.
Michael O’Loughlin, Chair
Susan Sawyer

Candidate Services Committee

Dana Berg, Chair
Robin Berg, MITO Rep.
Ronnie Moskowitz
Diane Sperber

Clinical Experience &
TRCC Committee

Kathryn Harrison, MITO Rep.
Petersen Jaegerman
Debra Kuppersmith
Robert Middleton
Kerstin (Tine) Pahl, Chair

Curriculum Committee

Edgard Francisco Danielsen-Morales
Alan Dolber
Jamie Keesling, MITO Rep.
Susana Martinez
Harry Organek
Arthur Pomponio, Chair

Outreach & Admissions Committee

Dana Berg
Parthenia Caesar, MITO Rep.
Cirstin Conneely
Gina Gold, Chair
Neil Herlands
Michael O’Loughlin
Arthur Pomponio
Susan Sawyer

Faculty & Supervisors Committee

James Holmes, Chair
Mary Lantz
Victoria Malkin
Elizabeth Singer
Jeffrey Werden
Christopher Wolter, MITO Rep.

The Training Institute of the
National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis

40 West 13th St. NY, NY I I 212.924.7440

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