Institute Governance

Board of Trustees of the
Training Institute of NPAP

Peter Zimmermann, President
James Holmes, Vice President
Paul Kaiser, Corresponding Secretary
Judith Greenwald, Recording Secretary
John Augliera, Treasurer
Deborah Keith, Dean, Faculty and Curriculum
Sue Mitchell, Dean, Training
Robert Middleton, Director, TRCC
Sherman Pheiffer, Parliamentarian
Joyce Rosenberg, Chair, Membership
David Smyth, Chair, Student Outreach
Thomas Taylor, Chair, Clinical Experience & Supervision
Claire Steinberger, Chair, Standards & Ethics Committee
Eileen Bahl, Member-at-Large
Rusty Horn, Member-at-Large
Judy Ann Kaplan, Member-at-Large
Jeff Werden, Member-at-Large

Faculty & Curriculum Committee

Peter Kroll
Edwin Levy
Loveleen Posmentier
Alan Roland
Joyce Rosenberg
Claire Steinberger

Clinical Experience &
Supervision Committee

Mary Lantz
Merle Molofsky
Thomas Wagner

Training Committee

Jayne Bloch
Judith Greenwald
Neil Herlands
Jane Kupersmidt
Michael O’Loughlin


Membership Committee

Arlyne Rochlin

Standard & Ethics Committee

Ellen Gasnick
Diane Gross
Peter Kroll
Judith Stollerman
Thomas Wagner

TRCC Committee

Diane Clemente
Smadar Harush
Sarina Meones

Student Recruitment Committee