Association Governance

Association Governance

Board of Trustees of NPAP

Thomas S. Taylor, President
Joyce Rosenberg, Vice President I
Paul Kaiser, Vice President II
Cirstin Conneely, Secretary
Sherman Pheiffer, Parliamentarian
Jan Roth, Ombudsperson
John Augliera, Director, Finance Group
Gerald Gargiulo, Director, Centers and Services Group
Elizabeth Singer, Director, Communications Group
Penny Rosen, Director, Programs Group
Debbie Keith, Director, Training Group
Peter Zimmerman, President Emeritus
Robin Berg & Monique Rinere, MITO Co-Chairs

Standing Committee Chairs

Michael Mashberg, Archives Library & Research Committee
Paul Kaiser, Facilities Committee
John Augliera, Finance Committee
James Holmes, Information Technology Committee
James Holmes, Legislation and Community Liaison Committee
Elizabeth Singer, Marketing and PR Committee
Ann Rose Simon, Neuropsychoanalytic Clinical Study Center Committee
Alice Entin, Public Programs & Continuing Education Committee
Douglas Maxwell, Standards and Ethics Committee
Anthony Pipolo, Editor, The Psychoanalytic Review

Archives Library &
Research Committee

John Auliera
James Holmes
Michael Mashberg
Doris Solomon

Facilities Committee

Paul Kaiser

Finance Committee

John Augliera
Joel Gold
Ann Rose Simon

Fundraising Committee

Michael Mashberg
Jan Roth

Information Technology Committee

Thomas S. Taylor

Marketing and PR Committee

Steven Yagerman

Membership Programs &
Services Committee (inc PRS)

Penny Rosen

Neuropsychoanalytic Clinical
Study Center Committee

Mary Edlow
Charlotte Kahn
Edith Laufer
Aideen Nunan
Ann Rose Simon
Robert Wolf
Margaret Yard

Public Programs & Continuing
Education Committee

Michael DeSimone
Judy Ann Kaplan
Isolde Keilhofer
Edith Laufer
Loveleen Posmenteir
Gavriel Reisner
Penny Rosen
Claire Steinberger
Hanna Turken

Standards and Ethics Committee

Gary Ahlskog
Ann Akers
Jayne Block
Dan Heimowitz