Tuition and Fees

Costs for Certificate Program

$2,750 for eight 12-session courses (including three 12-session group case presentation and supervision courses) and three workshops. A registration fee of $150 per year is due at the Fall registration. This fee includes the right to use NPAP’s library and access to the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEP) digital repository of professional articles and books.

Costs for Individual Courses and Workshops

Students may elect to take single courses or workshops for a tuition cost of $400 and $100, respectively. A registration fee of $50 is due at time of registration. Access to the NPAP library and PEP is not included in this fee.

Fees are subject to periodic review and change by the Board of Trustees of the Training Institute of NPAP. The yearly registration fees are nonrefundable and are required of all course attendees, whether they are taking courses each term or not, whether they have elected to take a year’s leave of absence or have been granted an extension of this absence.

The same tuition and fees are charged to students whether they attend courses and workshops at NPAP or online.

Refunds for Courses

Our refund procedure is the following:

  • If you drop the class before it even starts, you get a full refund.
  • If you drop the class after the first class has occurred you get a refund minus $35 charge ($400 class, you would get $365 back).
  • If you drop any time after the second class you do not get a refund.

Application Fee


You must complete an application form and pay a $50 non-refundable application fee.

Registration Fee

$150 per year

The registration fee includes access to the PEP-Web, a vast online archive of psychoanalytic articles and books from which most of the readings for all courses will be taken.

For students registering for just one class, the registration fee is $75 per term.


$1500 per term or $4000 for the full year

Tuition includes the on-going group supervision experience and workshops.

NOTE: You will not need to pay for individual supervision while enrolled at the PPLC.

For students wishing to take courses separately, registration fee is $75 per term and the tuition is $600 per course. For students wishing to take only a workshop, the tuition is $100. Workshops are free for students registering for a full term and for members and candidates of NPAP. Any person not enrolled in the program will be charged an additional fee for continuing education credits (CEUs).

All tuition expenses and fees are subject to change.