Certificate Program Overview

The Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Certificate Program is for serious candidates, in New York State and beyond, who want to become effective practitioners in a concentrated amount of time.

Psychotherapy continues to evolve. It has come a long way since NPAP founding father Theodore Reik was denied the right to practice psychoanalysis in the United States because he wasn’t a medical doctor. These days, with the popularity of self-help, empowerment training and life coaching, everybody’s a counselor.

However, becoming an effective, well-trained, competent therapist is an inspired and rigorous journey.

That is why NPAP created the Practice-based Psychodynamic Learning Center (PPLC), and the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Certificate Program, for serious candidates who want to become effective practitioners in a concentrated amount of time.

NPAP’s year-long, on-site/online psychodynamic psychotherapy certificate program will provide licensed mental health practitioners with the clinical skills, confidence and community to develop and sustain a thriving private practice.

This program is perfect for you if
  • You are a licensed mental health professional, but don’t feel completely ready to work with private clients
  • You already see private clients, but are unsatisfied with the methodology you were trained in
  • You are bored or frustrated with your institutional job and want to be more creative in your work
  • You crave the intimacy and impact of private practice work
  • You want to increase your skill set and confidence as a clinician
What can a year-long psychotherapy training give you?
PPLC’s Certificate Program Benefits
  • Certification
  • Continuing Education Credit Hours
  • Well-curated psychodynamic courses and workshops taught by seasoned faculty
  • Exposure to a variety of psychotherapeutic traditions, including object relations, attachment theory, humanistic, and ego psychology
  • Clinical and practical tools to create, expand and sustain a thriving practice
  • Ongoing supervisory support from NPAP faculty
  • Evening and weekend classroom times
  • Distance-learning, live-stream option for those unable to attend class in person, including those in other New York counties and states
  • Confidence to be (or be a better) private practitioner
Why NPAP’s PPLC Program?
If you’re considering options for a one or two-year psychotherapy certificate program, NPAP’s PPLC program has features that you won’t find anywhere else:

VARIETY OF METHODOLOGIES: iIncluding ego psychology, self-psychology, object relations, contemporary Freudian, attachment theory, neuropsychoanalytic, and relational psychology.

DISTANCE-LEARNING OPTIONS: Each of our courses and workshops will be conducted live and simultaneously broadcast via webcam. If you live far from Manhattan, struggle with childcare, or even wake-up with a cold, you can still come to class!

COHORT PROGRAM: Each year there will be a group of students studying and learning with you. Although there is an option to take courses individually at your own pace, we believe in the strength of peer support and the NPAP community in helping you integrate the teachings from the courses.

INTERACTION WITH NPAP Faculty and Members: You will have access to highly accomplished instructors who have had successful private practices for decades. The NPAP community is renown for its openness and diversity.

AFFORDABILITY: At only $2750 USD per year, this program is an affordable option for those looking to create a practice that will reap rewards for years to come. Visit our Tuition page to learn more.

You can afford to learn the skills necessary to sustain long-term, beneficial relationships with your clients.

Creating a thriving practice is possible.

Join us in September, 2019!

Email here to get more information – OR – talk to a faculty member to see if NPAP is right for you. Call (212) 924-7440.