About Our Faculty

All of our courses are taught by NPAP’s faculty with extensive experience as instructors, practitioners and supervisors.

Edgard Francisco Danielsen

PhD, LP.  Psychoanalyst in private practice. Visiting Professor, Psychology and Religion Program, Union Theological Seminary, New York City. Former Full Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, University of Puerto Rico.

Neil Herlands

Meeting and Keeping Patients
MSW. New York University. Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist in private practice. Member and Faculty, NPAP. Author of clinical articles on psychoanalytic technique. Musician.

Susana Martinez

Infant Development and Attachment

Sue Mitchell

Developing Psychodynamic Listening Skills

Art Pomponio

Psychodynamic Case Presentation and Supervision
Ph.D. LP. Psychoanalyst in private practice. Senior member, training analyst, supervisor, and faculty member at NPAP. Dean of Faculty and Curriculum, NPAP. Member of NAAP and IFPE.

Ruth Rosenbaum

Workshop on Spirituality
Ph.D., L.P. Psychoanalyst in private practice. Instructor, Supervisor, NPAP. Editorial Board, The Psychoanalytic Review. Adjunct Professor, graduate clinical psychology department, Columbia University. Certified biofeedback therapist. Many publications and lectures on integration of psychoanalysis with concepts from Buddhism, quantum physics, studies in psi phenomena , neuroscience, and spirituality.

Claire Steinberger

Workshop on Couples Therapy

Susan Tye

Workshop on Trauma
MS, Columbia University School of Social Work. Senior Member, Training Analyst and Supervisor, Faculty, NPAP. Former member, NPAP Board of Trustees and Board of Directors. Co-author of paper on families of Alzheimer patients.

Experienced Trainers

All PPLC Courses are taught by National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis’ (NPAP) faculty with extensive experience as instructors, practitioners and supervisors.

Renowned Affiliation

PPLC is a division of the renowned National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis (NPAP), an organization that has trained individuals in psychoanalysis for nearly 70 years.