A Word From The President of NPAP’s Training Institute


Thank you for your interest in the psychoanalytic training program of the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis, NPAP. We are one of the oldest and largest Psychoanalytic Institutes in the country.

Grounded in the tradition of Freud, NPAP offers you training in all major contemporary psychoanalytic schools of thought. Founded by Theodore Reik in 1948, NPAP has since its inception been committed to training candidates from the mental health fields as well as from the humanities and social sciences.

Today, the training program of NPAP is fully accredited by the State of New York as a License Qualifying program, allowing those candidates without a license from the mental health professions to sit for the State licensing exam and become licensed psychoanalysts.

Diversity in academic backgrounds and plurality of theoretical and clinical perspectives are core values of NPAP.

Flexibility is another hallmark of our training program. As a candidate you are able to train at your own pace – a real advantage for people with busy lives. While the training program is structured so that you can complete coursework, personal analysis and supervision requirements in five years, you may choose to take more time, depending on your professional and personal commitments. All courses are offered in the evening over two twelve week terms and one six week term per year. Many elective courses are offered over the summer break.

Another outstanding feature of NPAP is that fairly quickly after enrolling as a candidate, you can become eligible to receive patients from the Theodor Reik Clinical Center for Psychotherapy, TRCC, for training purposes and for building your practice.

TRCC will continue to refer patients to you throughout your training. If you already have a license to practice psychotherapy these patients will immediately become part of your own private practice. If you do not have a license, these patients will become part of your private practice as soon as you pass your licensing examination. By graduation, most candidates have established a working practice.

As an interested candidate at NPAP you may choose to involve yourself in the Members-In-Training Organization, MITO, and participate in the governance of NPAP.

NPAP is proud of the involvement of its candidates in all of its operations. MITO also offers candidates the opportunity to organize workshops, lectures and seminars outside the regular curriculum, based on their prevailing interests. Additionally, MITO supports its candidates throughout their training and sponsors social events.

Upon graduation from the training program, you qualify to become a member of the Association and participate in the rich cultural life of NPAP. Our organization offers seminars, workshops, conferences and courses for ongoing professional development and continuing education credits, as well as book clubs and peer groups.

As a member of the Institute you are automatically eligible to serve as a training and supervising analyst and you have the opportunity to teach and serve on evaluation committees.

In keeping with its core values, the Institute of NPAP is set up as a democratic organization with elected officers from the membership. You are eligible to be elected to the Board for a two year term or serve on one of the 7 committees that are responsible for the administration of the training program.

If you would like to find out more about training at NPAP please explore our website or contact our administrative office with any questions you may have. Also feel free to contact me personally with any question you may have about training at NPAP. I am looking forward to speaking with you.


Peter Zimmermann
President, NPAP Training Institute