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The Mentor Program


Dear Member,

The Training Committee is once again asking members to join the Mentor Program which assists candidates who have questions and concerns as they go through their training. With our knowledge of the complexities of training, and knowing where to access information, our goal is to be available to a candidate on an individual, personal basis. Candidates may request a member of their choice or request a mentor from the list. Candidates are not required to have a mentor.

The Mentor Program is made up of volunteers from the Training Institute membership. Once paired with a candidate, the mentor will call to see if he/she wants to meet in person, speak on the phone, or connect via email.The candidate and the mentor will decide if they want ongoing contact, or as needed when issues arise. Candidates can request a mentor at any point in their training.

The mentor is there to answer questions, provide guidance for solutions to training problems, and be available overall to assist the candidate towards completing training and becoming a member of NPAP.

The Training Committee will provide an orientation about our current training program for members interested in serving as mentors. We encourage you to participate in this program. It’s a small commitment but a valuable contribution.

We look forward to you joining in this valuable endeavor.


  1. Mentors are available to all candidates beginning at the enrollment level. A description of the program will be given to each candidate upon acceptance for Enrollment.
  2. Participation as a mentor is open to all members in good standing.
  3. Mentors will not have access to the candidate’s file.
  4. Mentors will meet with members of the Training Committee once a year for an orientation/update on the training programs. Mentors will be asked to provide feedback to the Training Committee on their experience as mentors.
  5. Each mentor will be assigned one candidate. The relationship is confidential. At any time, a request for termination of the relationship can be made.
  6. When the mentoring relationship ends, the mentor must inform the Coordinator of the Mentoring Program of that fact by phone or e-mail, and state whether or not they want to continue participating in the mentoring program. If so, they will be put on the list.
  7. If a candidate and/or member have questions or encounters difficulty in their interaction they should contact the Training Committee for guidance.
  8. Members cannot take the candidate they have mentored into psychoanalytic treatment. Also, mentors cannot take the candidate they have mentored into supervision until after one year following their completion of their functioning as mentor. In addition, mentors cannot participate in any of the candidate’s evaluation committees.

If you have any questions about the Mentoring Program, and/or want to be a mentor, please contact Judith Greenwald at 212-874-4512 or

Sincerely yours,

Judith Greenwald, Coordinator of the Training Committee Mentoring Program

Training Committee Members: Jayne Bloch, Barbara Dowd, Judith Greenwald, Neil Herlands, Jane Kupersmidt, Sue Mitchell (Dean of Training), Judith Newman, Michael O’Loughlin, Gavriel Reisner